Our Company 


[At our core are the values of passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence; values that underpin our behaviour and attitude.]

We believe in real access to our partners, but not at the exclusion of others in the firm. Many of our clients are small businesses, and the person with whom we work is a shareholder in that business. We share  the challenges of running a business today with employment, technology, forecasting and compliance issues that affect a business in both the short and long term. 

We remain committed to understanding your businesses and helping to find solutions to the issues that affect profitability and business value.


Walker Wayland Advantage is an independent firm of chartered accountants, taxation consultants and business advisors, focused on delivering clear business advice and creative options that generate tangible benefits for you. We are Melbourne-based, but as part of the Walker Wayland Australasia and BKR International group of accountants, we can assist where you need us.

We also have a core group of trusted advisors whom we consult at times to find advantages for you. We are also the authors of and regular contributors to publications from Thomson Reuters and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand on accounting and audit.