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Compliance Audits in Melbourne

Your business may be required to undergo an audit to meet its compliance obligations. Compliance auditing can give businesses an outline of internal business processes that can be changed or even improved in order to adhere to updates in regulations and requirements. Compliance auditing services are carried out to detect any weaknesses a company may have in its regulatory compliance processes and find ways to resolve these problems. Information gathered by conducting a compliance audit can help to minimise any potential risks or the possibility of getting penalised for noncompliance.

Walker Wayland Advantage has a team of compliance auditors in Melbourne who are up to date with current business regulatory and compliance procedures, using this knowledge to provide their clients with the insights they need. We’ll speak with you to understand your business and work with you to provide cost-effective compliance audit services that will be performed and completed within an acceptable timeframe.

We conduct compliance audits for Melbourne businesses that want to get a better understanding of their business. Our qualified auditors can provide compliance advisory to Melbourne business owners on methods they can follow to tighten their procedures and controls, minimise their risk of non-compliance, prepare for a potential ATO audit, and liaise on their behalf if they do get audited. Our compliance audit services can help save time and money while making the auditing process far less stressful.

Compliance Audit Services Are Done To:

  • Offer suggestions on ways to make improvements or take actions that can prevent any deficiencies or nonconformities from occurring in the future
  • Determine the number of compliant and non-compliant processes
  • Help businesses to remain compliant with regularly changing government regulations
  • Pinpoint areas of risk for noncompliance and report these assessments to management and all relevant regulatory entities

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Frequently Asked Questions

A compliance audit is a formal appraisal of a business’s procedures and operations that primarily focuses on whether a business adheres to internal rules, regulations, standards, policies, procedures and codes of conduct.

This will depend on what kind of audit is taking place. However, multiple departments of a business might become subject to an audit. Walker Wayland Advantage’s compliance auditors in Melbourne can interview employees across the company, although we will mainly be speaking with managers.

The compliance audits our Melbourne accountants conduct may take only a few days for shorter audits, or possibly a few months for larger audits. The amount of time an audit takes is based on what objectives are to be achieved and how difficult and time consuming the work is. Our auditor will give you an estimated deadline as to when the audit will be completed by.


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