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External Audits in Melbourne

Walker Wayland Advantage has a team of external auditors in Melbourne available to help businesses ensure they’re complying with their annual audit requirements in Australia. Our clients can utilise our independent audit services to gain objective and sound advice that can help improve their business’s financial state. Our external audits in Melbourne can bring any possible risks to your attention and provide recommendations on improving your organisation’s internal systems and processes.

Our qualified external auditors have the knowledge and experience needed to help all kinds of businesses with their financial reporting and accounting concerns. We consider our external audit financial services to be best practice and compliant with all relevant Australian auditing standards. We work closely with our clients to ascertain their obligations and requirements, constantly develop internal systems and processes, and attend to the needs of stakeholders.

Our External Audit Services in Melbourne Can Determine:

  • The accuracy and comprehensiveness of a client’s accounting records
  • If the client’s accounting records were prepared in line with all applicable accounting regulations
  • If the client’s financial statements accurately represent their business’s financial position

The Benefits of Using Independent Audit Services

  • External auditors are not affiliated with the client’s organisation and, therefore, will be impartial when carrying out external audit advisory services.
  • External audits can help organisations discover potential opportunities to keep their business compliant.
  • External auditors may uncover possible irregularities in financial records that have gone unnoticed and take steps to correct these issues.
  • External auditors purely focus on auditing work, while many internal auditors might have other tasks and responsibilities that can compromise the impartiality of their audit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an external audit?

An external audit is the process of assessing financial records by an independent accountant. This type of audit aims to determine whether the client’s financial statements portray an accurate and fair view of the client’s business’s financial position, ensuring it complies with Australian accounting standards.

What’s the difference between internal and external audit financial services?

Internal auditing services are carried out by an employee of the company being audited in order to determine if the company’s procedures and internal controls are adequate in helping achieve the company’s business goals. External audit advisory services are carried out by an independent accountant who does not work in the organisation.

How long do external audits take?

The external audits our Melbourne accountants work on can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to complete. This ultimately depends on the audit’s objectives and how complex the work is. The auditor working with you will provide an approximate length of time needed to complete the audit.


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