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Business Advisory Services in Melbourne

If you want to take advantage of the vast knowledge and expertise of a quality business advisory accountant, book an appointment with the team at Walker Wayland Advantage. From business evaluations to business start-ups and business growth, our procedures and planning help you move up the curve to help you be a profitable, growing business.  Our business advisory services in Melbourne deliver sound advice and support for your business, large or small.

From the outset, we discuss objectives and needs with you in order to develop a guiding framework to ensure all business advisory accounting services and outcomes we offer are relevant to your business plans. We bring together core skills in planning, systems, reporting, and cash flow together with taxation advice and audit if needed.  We can also advise you on suitable business structuring, management processes, transactional advice, business mentoring, succession planning, managing change and governance.

Access to an extensive range of tools helps us to assist businesses to develop internal accounting systems, management reports, cost control systems, waste reduction measures and business health assessments. By providing ongoing budgeting and forecasting advice, we help you to analyse strategies and implement plans to promote sustainability and growth.

For businesses with cross-border transactions, our access to firms overseas has allowed us to assist businesses to navigate through the complexities of international transactions and we provide an extensive range of resources.

If you don’t want to keep looking at confusing spreadsheets, speak to an expert who can help you understand your business’s current standing and its strengths and weaknesses through advice and targeted data analytics, get in touch with Walker Wayland Advantage. Our business advisory in Melbourne can help you take the right steps for your business to move up the curve successfully.

Types of Business Advisory Services We Offer

Business Advisory Life Cycle

Our team of small business advisors in Melbourne have the extensive experience, skills and resources needed to help our business clients achieve their big-picture goals. We provide comprehensive advice that can help you better run your business, including everything from strategic business planning to maximising operations and boosting employee productivity.

Data Analytics

Proper financial forecasting can significantly improve the success of any business. Our business advisory accountant can help you make better business decisions with the use of data and minimise any potential risks you face. Our meticulous approach to forecasting gives our clients the knowledge and confidence they need to plan, develop and achieve their business goals.

Succession Planning

Business owners should never leave succession planning until the last minute. Proper succession planning will ensure that your business, funds and assets will be transferred to the people you want them to go to. If you’re planning on handing down your business to another party, one of our small business advisors in Melbourne can assist with your succession planning to ensure minimal hassle in the future.

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If you would like to learn more about our business advisory services in Melbourne and how your business can benefit, get in touch with Walker Wayland Advantage today. Call us on (03) 9274 0600 or contact us online to book an appointment and find out how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business advisory services involve a qualified business advisory accountant assisting business proprietors with making business decisions that can improve the overall state of their organisation.

This line of work takes various facets of a business into consideration, such as finance, strategy, operations, marketing, technology and human resources, among others.

Walker Wayland Advantage’s small business advisors in Melbourne do much more than look at financial records.

We assess every aspect of a business to pinpoint issues, identify potential risks and capitalise on lucrative opportunities.

Once this has been done, we’ll provide you with recommendations that will help with securing your business’s financial future and achieving your goals.

Working with a business advisory accountant who has a high level of knowledge and experience when it comes to planning a business’s future can help small business owners be prepared for any potential risks that may occur.

They’ll have worked with multiple types of businesses and will be able to offer insights into your business that you might never have thought of.

Yes. A qualified business advisory accountant can help you with setting and meeting KPIs, helping to improve how well your business performs and boost profitability.

This can be achieved by speaking with a business advisory accountingprofessional who will ask you about the key factors of your business. They can help you learn how your decisions may impact your business’s profitability and assist you in implementing a realistic and effective strategy that willboost your profitability.

Walker Wayland Advantage provides fully integrated business advisory services to Melbourne, Australian and global businesses in all sectors and of all sizes, from SMEs to listed businesses.

We can help all businesses to accomplish their financial objectives and make appropriate financial decisions.


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