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The underlying data of a business is an underrated asset that, if properly managed, should be a powerful tool to identify hidden opportunities or spot unidentified risk. Walker Wayland Advantage can help you identify the key drivers of your business and then extract the right data to help you achieve your business goals.

Walker Wayland Advantage has a team of experts in data analytics for accounting who can use this data to implement useful strategies for your business. Our accounting data analytics team can evaluate large volumes of data from within and outside of your business which could provide insights on opportunities, risk factors or

What Our Accountants Can Do For You

  • Transform Data to Business Insights: Our accountants can utilise your data to provide insight into your business drivers and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Rectification and recalculation services: When our accountant has detected a potential issue in your data, they can quantify it to get a full understanding of what needs to be done to resolve the issue.
  • Remediation services: Our accountant can identify and explain insights and trends they undercover regarding the causes of any potential issues your business has.
  • Data Analytics in Audit – our team will utilise data analytics to improve the Audit process and provide more insight as part of their service to business owners.
  • Data Analytics in Internal Audit – the Walker Wayland Advantage audit team will utilise data analytics in their internal audits designed to improve your business internal controls, risk analysis and internal reporting.

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Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics involves the categorisation and classification of data, and it is the most commonly performed type of data analytics for accounting purposes. Descriptive analytics is used for accountants to accurately report the flow of their client’s money, including the client’s revenue, expenditure, inventory stocktake, collected GST and more. It’s imperative that accountants accurately interpret and use this data to ensure accounting practices are done correctly.

Diagnostic Analytics

Accountants assess and use diagnostic analytics to examine any changes in data and calculate a business’s performance over time. As a business’s regularly occurring patterns can provide a fair indication of how the business will perform in the future, the calculations that an accountant makes based on accounting data analytics can be used to establish sound financial forecasts.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive accounting data analytics is used to determine the likelihood of certain future outcomes occurring. One of the most important tasks an accountant does when assessing data analytics for accounting purposes is to create financial forecasts and pinpoint patterns that provide the basis for these forecasts.

Prescriptive Analytics

Accountants use the data they acquire from prescriptive analytics to recommend what actions their clients should take to grow their business. This can include potential opportunities that the business can take advantage of to grow, or matters that could potentially cause major problems in the future

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