• Andrew Clarke

Welcome Walker Wayland Advantage... a new era begins

The partners of Advantage Advisors are pleased to announce our greater integration into the Walker Wayland Australasia network with our name change on 19 February to Walker Wayland Advantage.

Walker Wayland is one of the largest independent networks of accountants in Australia with 22 member firms in 39 offices.

“For more than five years now we have been members of the Walker Wayland network, and this change of name signifies our commitment to the network,” the Walker Wayland Advantage’s Senior Partner Martin Phelan said.

“We have been part of Walker Wayland for several years now, and we feel comfortable in that environment and we are happy with what we get out of it. We believe this step was both logical in terms of a mutual endorsement, and also in terms of how it will help us to grow both the quality and quantity of the services we offer our clients.

Mr Phelan said it was the ability to share the ideas around running an accounting and audit practice in Australia, as well as the access to additional resources and advanced staff training that sits behind the strengthening of the ties with Walker Wayland.

Walker Wayland Advantage is a mid-sized Melbourne based accountancy firm providing business and tax advice as well as accounting and audit services. It has been in business for more than 90 years.

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