A Letter to our Clients

Dear Client

We hope you and your family are safe in these challenging times for us all.

We are living in unusual and unprecedented times. The pressures on our finances as an entire nation has never been so great, and many of you will be worrying about both business and personal finances.

At the moment, it seems every day or two the Federal and State governments are announcing some more changes to its stimulus packages. Today the Federal Parliament assembles in Canberra to pass legislation (i.e the rules and details) of the largest stimulus package in Australian history.

While we have provided email summaries of them over the past 2 weeks (see below for the web links), we just wanted to let you know that we are staying on top of the changes as they occur and that we are here for you.

The following topic are covered in the four articles have been published to our website:

No two businesses or people will be suffering the same at the moment, and it is our job to make sure you are getting the full benefits available from the evolving packages.

Our firm is working from a combination of work-from-home and the more traditional in-office operation. The seamless integration of our technology means that there is no difference to the way we can service you in this environment. We have a number of methods available for virtual meetings, with certain preferences. Unlike many, we have decided not to use Zoom because of items in the Terms and Conditions that allows Zoom access to all meetings, we thus would prefer Microsoft Teams or Skype for video conferences, and clearly the standard telephone system works for audio.

If you have any financial concerns at this time, or are a business entering into new contracts as many are, we are here to work with you for the best outcome.

It is our intention to keep our email correspondence with you at this time to a minimum. If you are like us you are getting bombarded with emails on COVID-19, so we will only email when we have something of significance to say… like when our WWA Client footy tipping (use the following link to join the competition –https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/WWA&p=Client2020%2A) and the password is Client2020*. If you join now we’ll give you 5 tips to start with as our competition average is up and running again.

We wish you all the best and be safe


Walker Wayland Advantage Team

For more information please contact us:

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