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Tax Accounting Advice Services & Planning in Melbourne

We can help you manage your business and personal tax requirements so that you know you have the best tax structure and are always up to date. Walker Wayland Advantage is able to provide a wide range of business and personal tax services that will ensure your business remains compliant with taxation laws and never misses any deadlines.

How We Work

We work closely with you to assist in guiding you with the opportunities and challenges you face in structuring and managing your tax affairs.

Our Melbourne tax accountants bring our years of experience and our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation to move with you as your business and personal needs evolve.

Tax Advisory

Walker Wayland Advantage has many years of experience working with businesses and their owners across many different industries. With that in mind, we’re aware that you need us to implement a tax planning strategy that takes your specific financial needs into account. Therefore we offer you the following broad range of services.

Corporate and international tax

  • Corporate tax management.
  • Corporate tax consulting.
  • Tax consolidation advice.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Inbound and outbound investments.
  • Corporate reconstructions.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Due diligence reviews of tax compliance.
  • Goods & Services Tax.

Personal and Trust tax

  • Executive taxation.
  • Employment taxes.
  • Salary packaging.
  • Expatriate tax services.
  • Employee shares schemes.
  • Inbound and outbound expatriate matters.
  • Trust and estate matters.
  • Capital Gains Tax planning.

Tax Compliance

We provide the following services to support your business operations and ensure you meet your reporting obligations:

  • Income tax returns.
  • International Dealings and reportable tax positions.
  • Australian Taxation Office audits and investigations.
  • Indirect Tax Compliance services.
  • BAS and IAS returns and reviews.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax returns.
  • Withholding Taxes obligations compliance.
  • Payroll tax obligations and reporting.
  • Tax obligations of non-resident entities and individuals.


Our expertise and our contacts through our association with BKR International, a global association, enable us to provide tax advice and support to clients intending to operate or locate activities outside Australia.

Case Studies

M&A – Acquisition of an Australian Corporate Group

A listed multinational company based in the US engaged us to assist them with the acquisition of an Australian corporate group.

We worked closely with the US management team, their US tax advisors and Australian lawyers as part of the due diligence process to advise them on the best way to structure the transaction from a tax perspective.

This involved forming a tax-consolidated group that would then acquire the target, which was also a tax-consolidated group. We advised and assisted the client on all the steps necessary to complete the transaction and establish the optimal group structure for their new Australian operations.

Structuring – Expanding Business Activities Offshore

An Australian corporate group was looking to expand its overseas business presence by establishing a legal structure in the US.

We worked together with the client and our overseas associate Firms to advise on the most appropriate structure from both the US and Australian tax and commercial perspectives.

Inbound Investment and Virtual CFO – Establishing an Australian Business

A successful US fast food franchise engaged us to assist them with their move into the Australian market. This involved advising them on the optimal structure from a tax perspective – which at the time was a branch of the US company.

We assisted with setting up the entity and acted as their Virtual CFO while they established themselves in Australia. This involved invoicing, banking and cash management, payroll and payment of creditors. We also assisted with all their ongoing monthly and annual tax obligations.

Four years after entering the Australian market, the client decided that there was a need to change the structure to an Australian company. Therefore we worked together with their Australian lawyers to advise and facilitate the transfer of the business from branch to company. This involved not only dealing with all the income tax considerations but also the indirect taxes such as GST and Stamp Duty.

Types of Tax Accounting Services We Offer

Business Tax

In addition to a company recording earnings, funds going towards particular business obligations such as business expenses and shareholders must be recorded too. Our Melbourne tax accountants can provide a range of business tax services to help keep your business tax compliant.

Personal Tax

Tax accounting for individual taxpayers concentrates on the person’s income, eligible deductions, investment gains or losses, and other transactions that determine their tax obligations. Our team can provide trusted tax services to help you get the maximum tax refund you’re entitled to.


Walker Wayland Advantage’s tax compliance service keeps our clients aware of all local, state, federal and international tax laws and regulations they may need to adhere to. Our tax accountants in Melbourne stay up to date with all changes to Australian Tax Office policies and relevant legislation.

Superannuation Tax

Earnings paid into superannuation accounts by employers, as well as interest, dividends and salary-sacrificed contributions, are taxed at 15% or nil in the Retirement/Pension phase. Our Melbourne tax accountants can manage all kinds of superannuation accounts and can assess your account to ensure that it’s working how it should be.

Expats Tax Services

Walker Wayland Advantage is one of the best tax accountants in Melbourne when it comes to expatriate tax planning, tax compliance and policy design for both individual employees and businesses. We can advise our expat clients on the tax implications with both their home and host country when it comes to foreign assignments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax accounting is a type of accounting that focuses on preparing the tax returns and tax payments of individuals, businesses and other entities. Certified tax accountants have the knowledge and skills needed to help clients correctly prepare their tax returns and ensure they comply with all relevant tax laws.

There is no limit in regards to how much money you can claim, provided the expenses you’re claiming were incurred while earning your income. We recommend you keep receipts of all expenses to substantiate your claims

No. Inheritances are not taxable in Australia unless you’re instructed by the executor that a part of the inheritance is taxable.

Yes, most overseas pensions are taxable, and any Australian residents with an overseas pension will need to include how much money they’ve acquired from their pension in their tax return. Our Melbourne tax accountants can help you with this complicated matter.

Individuals over 60 years of age (in some cases it is 62) no longer have to pay tax on their superannuation income streams that are paid from a taxed fund.



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