Expat Tax and Relocation Advisory

Expat Tax Services & Relocation Advisory

At Walker Wayland Advantage, our expatriate tax and relocation advisory team are experts in domestic and international tax law. Our expat accountants in Melbourne can provide comprehensive tax advice to both inbound and outbound expatriate employees and multinational employers.

Expat Executives & Employees

Whether you’re an expatriate relocating to or from Australia, our expat tax accountants in Melbourne can advise and assist you on all your tax obligations In addition, we can ensure you maximise all available relocation benefits through effective remuneration structuring.

There are many tax implications for expatriates of relocating internationally. It is important to plan ahead to ensure you do not trigger unnecessary liabilities and take advantage of all opportunities available to you.

Advisory Services

  • Pre-arrival consultation.
  • Residency determination.
  • Income tax liabilities both in Australia and offshore.
  • Country exit taxes.
  • Fringe benefits tax and salary packaging opportunities.
  • Relocation benefits.
  • Capital gains tax implications.
  • Movement of superannuation balances.
  • Double tax treaty implications.
  • Planning and tax minimisation.
  • Departure consultation.

Compliance Services

  • Preparation of personal expatriate income tax returns.
  • Preparation of income tax returns for any associated entities.

Multinational Employers

Our expat accountants in Melbourne work with many multinational employers who have inbound and outbound expatriate employees to ensure the arrangements are structured effectively, costs are minimised and all regulatory requirements are met.

Advisory Services

  • Remuneration structuring.
  • Fringe benefits tax implications.
  • International tax implications.
  • Application of double tax treaties.
  • Employer obligations.
  • Income tax liabilities both in Australia and offshore.
  • Planning and tax minimisation.

Domestic Relocations

There are a number of exemptions and concessions in the fringe benefits tax legislation for certain relocation benefits provided by an employer to an employee when required to relocate or live away from home for work purposes. When structured correctly, this can provide significant value to the employee at no additional cost to the employer.

Our tax accountants in Melbourne work with both employees and employers to determine which benefits are available and how to best structure the employee’s salary package.

Why Hiring an Accountant for Expats is Important

Expatriate tax is a very complex area, which is why you should only engage an accountant for expats that has the necessary expertise.

Walker Wayland Advantage is an accounting firm that can help you with expat tax in Melbourne. Ourexperiencedexpat tax accountants in Melbourne have the expertise needed to advise both Australian clients with their overseas business and investment interests as well as international clients with local business operations. We can tailor solutions that are relevant to your circumstances and make sure you meet all your compliance obligations.

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